Extraordinary Service. Exclusively For School Employees.

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Extraordinary Service. Exclusively For School Employees

From helping a brand new teacher make it to their first check without having to pay interest on a loan, to helping a retired maintenance shop employee save money on their home, we take care of school employees the way "big banks" can’t.

At Cleveland Bradley County Teachers Federal Credit Union (CBCTFCU), we offer a variety of services to meet our customers’ needs, including but not limited to:

  • -Savings Account
  • -Checkings Account
  • -Loans
  • -IRAs
  • -CDs
  • -Credit Cards

What can we help you with?

  • window


  • siding


  • roofing


  • other renovations


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    And more



At Cleveland Bradley County Teachers Federal Credit Union (CBCTFCU), October 1, 1961 will be a day we always remember. This was the day CBCTFCU opened its doors as a non-profit financial cooperative set up to assist local teachers and their family members. CBCTFCU’s seven founders include Charles Arnold, Dee Frisbee, Thomas C. Henley, O.J. Mattil, E.L. Ross, Bill Schultz, and J. Woodrow Wilson.

Since then, CBCTFCU has grown significantly from 16 members to more than 3,000. This number includes the current and retired employees (and their family members) of Bradley County Schools, Cleveland City Schools, Lee University, Cleveland State Community College, Family Resource Agency, Tennessee Christian Preparatory School, Bachman Academy, and more!

Today, we continue to evaluate and upgrade our services in order to meet the financial needs of our members—just like we did in the beginning.