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Mission Statement

We are committed to helping members enhance their financial status by providing needed financial products and services while operating in a sound financial manner.

Eligibility for Membership

Are you looking to join with us? We welcome all new members who meet one the following criteria:

You are employed in the Department of Education for one of the following areas:

  • Bradley County
  • Cleveland City
  • Polk County
  • Tennessee Christian Preparatory School
  • Lee University
  • Cleveland State Community College
  • Family Resource Agency

You are an immediate* family member of one of the above.

You are employed by one of our accredited, local, private schools.

You are a retired teacher, or a family member of a retired teacher, of the aforementioned organizations.

Once it is determined that you qualify for membership, a minimum deposit of $25.00 is required to open your Share (Savings) Account. Once you have this account, you are officially a member of the CBCTFCU and are eligible for all benefits and services we provide.

*Immediate family members are considered to be parents, grandparents, husband, wife, children, grandchildren, brothers, and sisters.


Leslie Sims

Karen Gladson
Loan Manager

Crystal Hatcher
Loan Officer

Susan Hartsell
Accounting Clerk

Beth Rutledge
Head Teller/ACH Clerk

Board of Directors

Ritchie Stevenson, President
Scott Humberd, Vice President
Marsha Goodwin, Secretary
Paul Ramsey, Treasurer
Paul Cretton
Cliff Eason
Jerry Frazier
Ron Hill
Billie Hilliard
Michael Plumley
Tim Riggs


Supervisory Committee:
Ann McElrath
Steve Montgomery
Kyle Page
Randall Stephens

Personnel Committee:
Danny McDowell
Franklin Odom

Credit Committee:
Joanne Swafford
Sherra Witt
Joan Bates

Funds Management:
Paul Ramsey
Matt Carson
Angie Gill
Herb Cannon

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