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At Cleveland Bradley County Teachers Federal Credit Union, we offer a number of loan opportunities to our members to help them fulfill their wants and wishes when it comes to owning a home, purchasing their first car, and much more!

The following are some of the types of loans members can choose from:


Are you ready to take the plunge and open the door to your new home? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you receive an unbelievable mortgage rate!

Auto Loans

Does it seem your car is costing you more in repairs than it is actually worth? Talk to one of our knowledgeable associates today to learn how you can get approved for an Automobile Loan!

Signature Loans

If you have a John Hancock, then you can walk away with a Signature Loan. However, please note a credit check may be needed before obtaining this type of loan, and the loan amount may be limited as well.

Home Equity Loans

Is your home in need of repairs? Did an unexpected medical issue arise? Maybe you just want to pay down debt? Contact us today to learn if a Home Equity Loan is the right choice for you!

Share Secured Loans

Utilize your Share Account to obtain a Share Secured Loan. With this loan, you must provide some type of collateral, usually a car, equivalent to the amount you want to borrow, in order to secure the loan.

RV and ATV Loans

Are you looking to spend some time traveling, or do you have a lot of land you wish to ride on? Contact us to learn about our RV and ATV Loans that can help you enjoy the great outdoors!

Major Appliance Loans

When it rains, it pours. This seems very true when it comes to home appliances. Once the refrigerator dies, so does the dishwasher. After the washer breaks, the dryer is soon to follow. And good appliances can be costly. Let us help you purchase the appliances you need for your home without the stress on your shoulders.

Computer Loans

When school starts, some might be thinking of fresh pencils and new backpacks. However, the major necessity required is a new computer. Talk to us today about our Computer Loan option that can help you purchase a brand new laptop or desktop for your classroom!

Student Loans

CBCTFCU’s Student Loan program is a featured credit union partnership with SallieMae. For more information on our student loan options, or to apply online, click here.

Credit Cards

CBCTFCU’s Visa check card is better than a check! With a Visa logo, this check card is a more convenient and safer alternative to using cash or paper checks. Plus, it’s easier—and less bulky—to carry in your wallet!

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